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Visual identity

We define the visual identity of our customers, including their logo, colors primary and secondary, as well as typographies to use. This section establishes the rules for the use of the logo in different situations, combinations recommended colors, and fonts of characters suitable for use online.

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Graphic Elements

We specify the graphic elements
recurring such as icons, buttons, shapes and patterns to use on their websites. This section details dimensions, styles and expected behaviors of these elements to ensure visual consistency optimal.

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Imaging and Media

We set guidelines on the use of images, videos and other media on our websites clients. This may include recommendations on the choice of images, sizes and image formats recommended, as well as guidelines for performance optimization.

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Interactions and Animations

We provide guidelines on user interactions, animations and transitions to improve the experience user. This section specifies the effects visuals to use to create a smooth and engaging experience.

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Accessibility and Responsibility

We include instructions for ensure that the websites we we design are accessible to all users, including those with specific needs in terms of accessibility. This includes recommendations for design responsive, appropriate use of contrasts, and keyboard accessibility

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