Alfoadia Building Construction

We start projects ahead of the game as we ensure the same team that bids the work. With the booming development in the construction sector
witnessed in Saudi Arabia, we have put in place a specialized unit with qualified members committed to deliver on time with the highest

Our engineers challenge themselves to lead as examples. We plan, develop and execute any type of civil, architectural, electro-mechanical and
plumbing for any kind of buildings.

This Building Construction division driven by the following Goals and Sharing best practices in mind:

  • Top-to-bottom management commitment
  • Monitoring the evolution of the Building industry, regulations and technologies.
  • Empower quality of workmanship
  • Employee training and Skill development for all of our technical team.
  • Committed in meeting deadlines and completion of the projects.
  • Regular follow-ups on projects.
  • Develop a thorough, site-specific Quality Plan for any project
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards
  • Comply with all laws, rules, and regulations.
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