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IT Gate is a computer engineering company, created in 2015. Specialized in development, IT services, user experience, design, development and Webdesign. With its values; organization, collaboration, trust and responsibility, ITGate is a young and dynamic team gathered to meet the needs of its customers and accompany them throughout their projects.

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Mobile Development
After discussing your objectives, our team of app developers will match your unique requirements with the technology that will deliver short-term project goals while fueling your long-term business strategy. We develop three kind of mobile applications: android, IOS and hybrid applications.
Web Development
Our team of best web developers matches your unique requirements for your website with the technology that will deliver both immediate and long-term results for your business.
Great designs should do more than just catch the eye of your customers — it should help your business reach its goals, whether that is guiding new customers through a sales funnel or educating existing ones about a new service.
All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Take care of everything for your position in the search engine.
Embedded Systems
ITGate offers its customers innovative solutions in embedded systems integrating new technologies. The home automation and robotics market in Tunisia has evolved considerably, integrating more and more automation and comfortability. Our vision is therefore to be a major player in this market in the short term. Thus, integrating into the global market in the long term.

Our Success Story

  • 2018

    Partnership with Tunisian and foreign customers

  • 2017

    The integration of new technologies (android and IOS)

  • 2016

    Launch and stabilization of the team

  • 2015

    The creation of ITGate-Group

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We value your time and patience greatly, Therefore, we take care of every project with a maximum attention and rapidity. Try it yourself by contacting us and have the benefits of a regular user and discover our top features.

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Boubaker Tilouche

Project leader

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Amel Khadhraoui




Itgate is a « multi-skilled » team to quickly realize digital communication tools / products. We have jointly designed a site, a logo, and an application with a geolocation system. What I retain, a responsive and available team, a good capacity for listening and understanding needs, a quick proposal, realizations set and finalized as and when, allowing to move quickly and respect the deadlines. A great adaptability in constrained environments. And finally, teams and a manager really friendly while remaining pro!

Anwar Berguiga

Anwar Berguiga


I worked with the itgate-group company and i am totally satisfied with their products which will help me a lot in my work

Lotfi romdhan

Lotfi romdhan

“The greatest benefit that you get from working with this group is that you get to experience being a part of something extremely great and powerful.”

Jamel Doura

Jamel Doura

Doura btp